Last Fish

Last Fish 1.6.1

A stylish game of underwater survival


  • Stylish graphics
  • Good controls
  • Varied game modes


  • Relentlessly dark

Very good

Last Fish is a tilt-controlled avoid 'em up. Help a tiny fish survive alone in a dark world that's full of danger.

Last Fish glows white in a black sea, and dark objects that move through the waters will damage it. You move simply by tilting the iOS device. Helpfully, the neutral position is reset before every level, so you don't need to stay perfectly still.

There are two game modes: levels and arcade. Arcade modes are opened as you complete the levels, and the better you do in the levels, the quicker you'll open arcade modes. Although the game is really simple, the different modes, such as survival, health targets, or checkpoint hitting really make for different styles of play.

The graphics are minimalist, but nicely done, and the sounds add an ominous atmosphere to proceedings. Although at first Last Fish seems like quite a relaxing game, once the difficulty ramps up it can be pretty tense. Thankfully the controls are really responsive, and you can be very accurate threading the Last Fish through small spaces!

Last Fish is a well made and compelling little survival game. It has plenty of replay value and offers enough challenge.

Last Fish


Last Fish 1.6.1

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